Wonder. Confusion. Inclusion.

Burning man will challenge you, shock you, and change you. It is an all-encompassing sensory experience that overwhelms, inspires, and pushes your limits.  What you see, what you hear, and most importantly, how these sights and sounds make you feel, all effect a shift in consciousness and perspective.  

Burning Man changes you by becoming a part of you. Its culture does not end at the border of Black Rock City, but lives on forever in each person fortunate enough to come to the Playa. Burning Man is so much more than colossal art installations, all-night dance parties, performance art, body painted nudity, chaos, and the endless parade of mutant vehicles. These are but manifestations of the Burning Man culture. The true glue to this culture is the people – the men and women who create and perpetuate the ethos of Burning Man beyond the borders of Black Rock City.

Camp Semper Ardens, meaning Forever Burning, exists to advance all that is learned on the Playa and carry it forward into daily life. Our goal is to immerse friends from the Default World’s business community into the Burning Man culture. Business leaders that attend Burning Man are often insulated from a true experience of the culture by their own means and financial resources. One can easily hide away in an RV and only lightly skim the surface of what the playa has to offer. At Semper Ardens our goal is to break down barriers to help our friends to genuinely participate in the full culture and receive the the most out of their own unique experiences. We know that when they do, they’ll leave for the Default World forever changed, and Forever Burning

Join us.

forever burning