319 West 42nd Street, NYC 10036
A one-stop shopping location – messy and disorganized but packed with gear.
Hats, Helmets, Riot Gear, Uniforms. They also do rentals.


Mash Army & Navy Store 

721 8th Ave, NYC 10036
Very well stocked with military gear and supplies. Great deals on hats, bags, and packs.
Great selection of goggles, footwear, and military issue camping gear.


Uncle Sam’s Army Navy Outfitters

37 West 8th Street, NYC 10011
Considered to be more high-end and fashionable than most shops. Tons of canteens, tools, gas masks, vintage military gear, and costumes. Plenty of goggles – even night-vision style for a mere $1,000. Very cool canvas leggings to pull-over boots.


Cato’s Army and Navy

654 Manhattan Ave, Brooklyn 11222
Mainly a clothing store, but has a great selection and cheap prices. Tons of military vests, bandanas, and a sneaky selection of Pendleton.


Halloween Adventure

104 4th Ave, NYC 10003
Tons of ready-to-wear style costumes. Wigs, make-up, and wearable lighting. Lots of props. Nothing vintage but great prices.


Abracadabra NYC

19 West 21st
(SAME as Halloween Adventure)


Early Halloween

130 West 25th Street, NYC 10001
By-appointment only, with an amazing selection. Rentals and custom designs. Retro props and prosthetics. Theatrical pieces.


Trash and Vaudeville

4 St. Marks Place, NYC 10003
Clothing, gear, jewelry, belts and gloves. Club, gothic and punk styles.


Costume / Jewelry District

Broadway Between 27th and 30th St


Screaming Mimi’s

382 Lafayette Street, NYC 10003
Vintage costumes and couture designs. Chokers, feathers, boas, tribal, fur and suede. Masks and eyeglasses dating back to the 1920’s. Expensive but perfect style.


Patricia Field

306 Bowery, NYC 10012
Aside from a great vintage selection of jewelry, shoes and jackets; Pat’s also has some
 fun modern pieces that will be great for costumes. Light-up bras and jumpers, furry boots, graffiti pieces. Goggles, hats and eyeglasses. Lots of vibrant colors and festive vests and jeans.


New York Vintage

117 West 25th, NYC 10012
Very high-end vintage store with lots of couture and designer options. Style dating back to the 1920’s.


Fabulous Fanny’s

335 East 9th Street (between 1st & 2nd Avenue)
New York, N.Y. 10003


About Glamour

103 N. 3rd, Brooklyn, 11211
Plenty for the ladies but boasts a great men’s selection. Suits and footware galore. Kooky Japanese designs and accessories.



155 N. 6th, Brooklyn, 11211
A very feminine and romantic store. Beautiful one of a kind pieces. Expensive but quality.


Monk Thrift Shops

97 East 3rd, NYC 10003

175 MacDougal, NYC 10011

496 Driggs, Brooklyn, 11211
Cheap and well stocked. Mainly gear from the ‘50’s-90’s. Boots, sunglasses, and jackets.



408 Fulton Street, Brooklyn 11201
Huge store with great prices. Tons of accessories and funky gear.

Atlantis Attic

771 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn, 11211
Huge store with great prices. Military surplus, vintage coats, boots, and lots of kitschy items.


Grand Street Bakery

602 Grand Street, Brooklyn 11211
Less expensive high-end vintage clothing and footwear. Some military and camping supplies.

Urban Jungle

118 Knickerbocker Ave, Brooklyn 11237
Costumes, leather, and vintage selections. Not the cleanest store but it is cheap and has tons of unique and unusual pieces and gear.


Gothic Renaissance

110 4th Ave, NYC 10004
Very cool store with lots of unique gear. Leather, corsets, chokers, monacles, masks, tophats, and burlesque styles.


Hollander & Lexer

103 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn 11211
Men’s clothing - lots of leather and cool props and accessories


Leed’s Electronics

68 N. 7th, Brooklyn 11211
A mad scientist’s dream. Antique electronics, vintage radios. All around cool stuff.


City Foundry

365 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn 11217
Tons of metal pieces and industrial parts. Anatomical props, metalwork, retro styles. Expensive.


All 3 stores listed supply everything you need for the great outdoors - tents, packs, tools, lighting, camelbaks, chairs, first aid, etc.


303 Lafayette Street, NYC 10012


Paragon Sports

867 Broadway, NYC 10003


Gear to Go Outfitters

217 Garfield Street, Brooklyn 11215


Tents and Trails

21 Park Place, NYC 10007


All of your wearable lighting needs and accesories. Battery operated lights.
Factory in in NYC for easy shipping/pick-up



304 East 5th, NYC 10003
All of your DIY lighting needs. Kits, battery-operated LEDs


Canal Sound & Light

319 Canal Street, NYC 10013
Lighting for all occasions found here and in this area.

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